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Justin Hamilton

Meet Justin Hamilton, a dedicated tattoo artist who, along with his wife Ashley, is on a mission to make ArtGem Tattoos one of the best tattoo shops in Halifax.

Together with his wife, Justin co-founded ArtGem Tattoos in July 2023, continuing his tattoo artist journey that started back in 2022. Known for his strong commitment to the craft, Justin brings a lot of passion and a variety of artistic skills to ArtGem Tattoos, including his speciality in dot work tattoos.

Justin’s artistic skill shines through in every detail of his work, from lines to strokes and color choices, showcasing his dedication to creating outstanding tattoos. As a true professional, he pays close attention to your ideas and preferences, making sure he understands them fully. Justin collaborates closely with you to turn your vision into a unique tattoo that truly represents your individuality, leaving each client with a satisfied and genuine smile.

Outside the Tattoo Studio

Outside the tattoo shop, Justin enjoys playing the guitar, spending quality time with his wife and fellow artists. He also finds relaxation in listening to music, going on adventures and walks, and engaging in gaming sessions with friends, particularly in the virtual world of Rust. These diverse interests outside the studio highlight Justin’s multifaceted nature and his appreciation for both creative and leisurely pursuits.

Artistic aspirations

Guided by an innate passion for creativity and artistic expression, Justin is on a mission to create tattoos that go beyond mere ink on skin, becoming enduring symbols of personal identity.

Justin’s artistic journey has been a dynamic evolution, marked by significant growth since its inception. His dedication to crafting meaningful and visually striking tattoos is not just a testament to his artistic efforts but also a genuine commitment to making a lasting and positive impact on the lives of those who choose to wear his creations. He aims to help ArtGem Tattoos become one of the best tattoo shops in Halifax.

Specializing in various styles, including dot work tattoos, linework, color, and traditional, Justin’s artistic palette is diverse and vibrant. His commitment to continuous growth and improvement is evident in his pursuit of refining his skills, ensuring that each piece he creates resonates with the unique stories and preferences of his clients. Through this dedication, Justin aims to leave a lasting legacy of cherished tattoos that carry personal significance and evoke admiration for a lifetime.

Justin's Flash

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